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Akito Sohma

The God of the Zodiac

7/20/05 11:51 pm

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5/23/05 10:48 am

As if Uo-san calling me "Aki" wasn't bad enough Hanajima-san commented that Tohru's mother would probably have called me "Aki-chan." Then Hanajima-san reconsidered and thought she would have called me "Kito-kun." I'm not sure which is more degrading. And apparently it's catching on. Tohru called me Aki and her friends now address me as Kito-kun. I've always been referred to as Akito-sama or Akito-san. I'll admit one person has been allowed to call me Akito-kun, but that's a special exception.
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5/13/05 06:00 pm

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5/2/05 11:37 pm

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4/29/05 04:47 am

"You've made yourself sick again," were the first words out of Hatori's mouth when I came home last night, exausted and shivering. I hate that tone he uses with me when I don't follow his orders. If I choose to walk home it's my business. I'm tired of being treated like a child.

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4/22/05 01:38 pm - Let Me Fall

That girl's words are both so comforting and so painful. It's so much easier to go on thinking that my family will be glad when I am finally dead. If I believe that then it's not so hard to accept that I am dying. To invest in the hope that the curse could be broken will only lead to disappointment and sorrow. It's better to just accept it. She should accept it. In the end her hope will only bring her more tears. Somehow I no longer desire her suffering.

4/15/05 11:00 pm

I hear what they say about me when they think I'm asleep or shut safely away in my room. Oh yes I hear them. They call me cruel, sadistic, hateful, bitter... Why shouldn't I be bitter? I have every right to be! I die so they can live and they distance themselves from me. None of them want to watch me die so they abandon me. Yuki tried to do the same so I abused his mind and flesh. I wanted to make him experience some of the pain I have suffered since the day I was born. Yes, I am bitter. I am bitter as are all those who are alone. 'Misery loves company.' Truer words were never spoken...
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